Tutor - A professional educator who instructs a student or students on a particular subject in a public setting or in a private setting for free or for a fee.

In the past few years, free tutoring services have been implemented in Title 1 public schools, which are predominately located in urban, reservations and rural settings in the USA through the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the Race To The Top (RTTT) federal acts. The student achievement results have not been what they had expected. One way to drastically improve the current tutoring in Title 1 public schools is for public school districts to operate, manage and maintain their own tutoring services for their students. A public school district operating its own tutoring services will be able to hire and provide training for more tutors, pay for more tutors, tutor more students, provide support for teacher instruction, management and learning and provide accountability to their stakeholders.

What is a Sessioner?

A sessioner is person who can be a parent, a guardian, a mentor, a tutor, an educator, an administrator, a support staff member, a member of a non profit business, a government employee, a person in private business, a member of the community or a college student who conducts online or offline sessions for free or for a fee. What kind of services the sessioner will provide and for whom depends on a what the student's require or what the student's are requesting. If you are an education employee you would be called a public sessioner and if you are not employed in a school district you would be called a private sessioner.

Why use the word Sessioner?

The use of the word sessioner for isessioner.com represents the potential increase of the number of people and broadens the kinds of people and learning that can be available and actively be involved in educating and helping our students and young adults.

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    A professional educator (aka sessioner) who instructs a student or students in a particular subject in a public setting... More...

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